International Integrational Theater Festival “Solar Wave”

Socio - Cultural Event "Destined for Happiness"

This 5-day online-display of theatrical performances (remotely);

Creative event, which also
includes creative meetings, workshops, master classes, photo exhibitions and film screenings, which
maximally highlight the capabilities of a Person with a disability, not as an object of social
protection, but as a Creator.

Destined for happiness - 6.10

Online broadcast:

Опубліковано Соціально-мистецька акція "Приречені на щастя" Вівторок, 6 жовтня 2020 р.

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The actors of the special theater create an incredibly colossal information field with their play, immersing into which no one remains indifferent – neither the actor nor the audience. This is the place where, due to the illusory nature of bodily defects, a pure genuine soul breaks out – laughing and crying, wondering and surprising.
The work of these people is not a simple hypocrisy – what they show to the audience from the stage is a great ritual that will not leave anyone indifferent. The main thing is to want to see such a theater – a theater where actors live with a pure soul.

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