Untrodden Path

Art-Therapeutic Center “Neprotoptana Stezhina” is a charitable organization that develops the creative movement of people with disabilities, teachers and volunteers, who through systematic organization and participation in art events have the opportunity to develop their personality and abilities in art, theater and other arts. and to promote the integration of people with special needs into society.

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The Way

The International Festival of Inclusive Theater “PATH” is a platform for the development of an inclusive theater, which was created and is being developed by the BU ITC “Neptoptana Path”, which has been implementing projects in the field of culture, non-formal education and inclusive art since 2001.

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Саме сяйво дитячої творчості, що є життєдайним джерелом радості і щастя, надихнуло започаткувати обласний інтеграційний театральний фестиваль людей з функціональними обмеженнями

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