These are first of all professionals who will be happy to help, advise and answer any question.
The Board of Consultants consists of international experts from the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland, the Republic of Uzbekistan and Ukraine.
They work with both amateur groups and professional theaters
Professionally recommend and share impressions from an artistic point of view, both during the selection of theatrical productions and during the online viewing of the event

Liliya Sevastyanova

Head of the integrated “Theater of the Movement of Lik”, choreographer. She underwent professional internships in the United States, France and Russia. She has collaborated with many drama theaters, performing choreography for more than 20 dramatic performances.

Lilia has held practical master classes based on the author’s methodology at many festivals in France and Azerbaijan, Belarus and Russia.

Vitalij Lyubota


Member of the National Union of Theatre Artists of Ukraine,

teacher of the Academy of
Arts named after P. Chubynsky,

Director and artistic director of the People’s Theater-Studio
«Parostki» ,

art director of the International Integration Theater Festival «Sonyachna Кhvylya» («Sun

Sergij Vinnichenko

Author and host of the Internet portal “Theatrical Fishing” – a resource about modern Ukrainian theater in all its manifestations – from texts about performances of the current repertoire, to reviews of theatrical trends, marketing preparation of the theater, its processes and knowledge base of theatrical present.

Snieguolė Dikčiūtė


Composer, music therapist, art director of the Begasas International Festival of Special Theaters, Laureate of the State Prize for Contribution to Lithuanian Culture and Art; winner of the highest Lithuanian theatrical award – “Golden Stage Cross”

Yanush Shimanskij

Teacher, theater instructor, lecturer. Since 1986 Member of the Polish Council for Art Therapy, organizer and lecturer of national and international seminars DIALOGI, at various universities in Poland, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus and Romania. He regularly collaborates with the Art Therapy Center in Lublin and the Nieprzetarty Szlak Foundation. Since 1989, he has been involved in various aspects of theatrical activity, including the principles of paratheatre technique and body and movement.

Roberto Paoletti

Director, actor, educator and theater operator for social work trained at the OTS course in San Patrignano.
In 1989 he was the founder of the Compagnia – School of Theater Laboratory Minimum Theater of Ascoli
Piceno which he directed for about 22 years, as President and then as Artistic Director.
As a Social worker, he carries out recreational and recreational activities with adolescents in local schools
and in educational communities for minors.
Since 2010 he has been working as a Social Theater Operator in various reception centers for refugees and
in residential communities for the mentally ill.
Since 2013 he has curated artistic mediation projects within the project called MeTe – Abili Equilibri d’Arte
with young people and adults with disabilities and able-bodied together.
Since 2014 he collaborates with Acli and with other social cooperatives in the area as a theatrical trainer in
the field of social and community theater.
In 2015 he is the founder of the La Casa di Asterione Association which operates in the sector of artistic

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