On October 9, 2019, the International Center of Culture and Arts of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine “October Palace” hosted a social and artistic event “Doomed to Happiness.” In total, 11 theater groups from the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland, and Ukraine took part in the Action. Such geography and diversity of talents of the participants allowed to present more objectively the process of development of “special” art both in Ukraine and in our close neighbors.

The culmination of the event was a theatrical performance “The One Who Awakens Emotions”, where in the context of a single plot, without changing the ideas and compositions of their own performances, united “here and now”:

  • Anyksciusviesa Theater, Anykščiai (Lithuania). The play “Awakening”, directed by Almantas Chelis,
  • Theater of Special Actors “Necklace”, Rivne (Ukraine). The Little Prince “, directed by Yuri Paskar
  • TAMI Theater Studio, Lutsk (Ukraine). Drama play “Yazikata Khveska”, directed by Alla Antonyuk,
  • Integration Theater “Fortuna”, p. Horishni Plavni (Ukraine). The play “Mowgli”, directed by Natalia Sinelnyk,
  • Art Periwinkle Theater, Sumy (Ukraine). Pantomime “Scotland”, directed by Irina Globenko,
  • Overcoming Theater, Pinsk (Belarus). The parable play “Once upon a time there were two giraffes”, directed by Serhiy Volkov,
  • Motyli Theater, Swidnik (Poland). Choreo-dramatic performance “Let the moment last …!” ;
  • People’s Amateur Theater “Sprouts”, Kyiv (Ukraine). The play “The Exile”, directed by Vitaly Lyubota
  • Fresh Wind Theater, Stolin (Belarus). The play “Africanstory”, directed by Julia Babich,
  • Art Periwinkle Theater, Sumy (Ukraine). Pantomime “Geometry”, directed by Irina Globenko,
  • Dance and theater group “Pasjonaci”, Swidnik (Poland). The play “A Story of a Love”, directed by Renata Elmerich,
  • Golden Mask Theater, Kherson (Ukraine). Choreographic miniature “Wings”, directed by Irina Fomenko.

The format of the project, thanks to the all-Ukrainian and international component, allowed all participants, team leaders and organizers to focus on fruitful cooperation between Ukrainian and international organizations, art projects and festivals for closer communication with international, European and local (state) foundations.

Students of Kyiv University named after Borys Hrinchenko, National Pedagogical University named after MP Hrynchenko joined the action. Drahomanov, Municipal Higher Education Institution of Kyiv Regional Council “Academy of Arts”, Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, National Academy of Management of Culture and Arts, who not only attended the event and watched interesting performances from the auditorium, but also took an active part in the organization and conducting master classes, flash mobs, animators, curators of participating groups and participation in the Final Action “The One Who Awakens Emotions”. This gave them the opportunity to realize themselves professionally.

The event provided an opportunity to create a certain information field and show the stability of socio-cultural projects in Ukraine and the safety of participation in them, and this involves attracting a wide range of partners and using all existing practices in Ukraine, creating new practical forms and attracting new potential participants. and maximum accessibility and coverage of results in theatrical and cultural-artistic environment.

Based on the feedback, this project has become one of the important practical and informational components in the development of inclusive education in Ukraine.

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