Children are immediately and effortlessly assimilated with happiness, because they are by nature – joy and happiness.

Victor Marie Hugo

It is the radiance of children’s creativity, which is a vital source of joy and happiness, that inspired the launch of the regional integration theater festival of people with disabilities “Rainbow”. The initiative to light stars on the theatrical and artistic horizons of Sumy region was taken by the staff of the Sumy Regional Center for Comprehensive Rehabilitation for Children and Persons with Disabilities – a modern, unique rehabilitation institution that helps children with special health needs equal opportunities for integration into society.

For thirteen years in a row, the Festival has traditionally been held on the eve of International Children’s Day (June 1) and brings together about 100 children with disabilities. Bands not only from Sumy but also from other regions take part in the Festival: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Poltava.

The organizers have to work hard to hold the Festival, because every year they have to overcome many problems related to the financial support of the event. And every time, overcoming problems, the Festival takes place, because it is eagerly awaited by both children and adults, preparing for it throughout the year, hoping for long-awaited meetings with friends.


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