Back in 2001, at the initiative of directors (Vitaliy Lyubota, Serhiy Solopay), actors (Natalia Ignatova, Oleksiy Nagrudny) and a psychologist (Natalia Bastun), the idea of ​​holding a theater festival with the participation of people with disabilities arose in Kyiv under the auspices of the Sprouts Charitable Foundation. .

Thanks to the cooperation with the public organization “Union of Mothers of Children and Adults with Disabilities due to Intellectual and Physical Disabilities of Kyiv” Sunbeam “(director Yevhenia Steshenko) and the creation in December 2001 of the theater group” Sprouts “, which proved its first performances that such a theater has the right to a full creative life, as well as to have its own platform for presenting its work.

In October 2002, the dream festival itself took place, which had the same name as the theatrical group – “Sprouts” and immediately gained international status. Later it was held under the name “International Integration Theater Festival” Sun Wave “. Because, in fact, the wave that arose as a result of this event spread throughout Ukraine and beyond. Over the years, the Sun Wave has brought together more than a hundred creative teams from Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia (Georgia), Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia, Slovenia, Iran, Hungary, France, Sweden, Uzbekistan and Ukraine.

Thus began the good tradition of holding the International Integration Theater Festival “Sun Wave” every year in late October and early November. To date, 10 International Integration Theater Festivals “Sun Wave” and 3 “Social and artistic events” Doomed to Happiness “were held to provide informational support for this festival.

«Destined for happiness» 2019

On October 9, 2019, the International Center of Culture and Arts of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine “October Palace” hosted a social and artistic event “Doomed to Happiness.” In total, 11 theater groups from the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Poland, and Ukraine took part in the Action. Such geography and diversity of talents of the participants allowed to present more objectively the process of development of “special” art both in Ukraine and in our close neighbors.

«Destined for happiness» 2018

With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation on October 10, 2018 at the National Center for Business and Cultural Cooperation “Ukrainian House” NGO “Union of Mothers of Children and Adults with Disabilities due to intellectual and physical disabilities of Kyiv” Sunbeam “held a social and artistic action “Doomed to Happiness” timed to the World Mental Health Day.

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