La Casa di Asterione Social Assistance Association

Leader: Roberto Paoletti

The Social Assistance Association La Casa di Asterione was founded in 2015 and is a national branch of Acli Art and Entertainment, a participant in the festivals “Tu li sei vero Monza”, “Tespi Ancona”, “OTS Lab Ascoli Piceno”.

In his work he seeks to characterize associative life as a community experience.

  • Organizes educational, entertainment and social activities to support the need and respond to social problems through artistic mediation.
  • Promotes associative, cultural and artistic commitment through initiatives in the entertainment sector and, in particular, preparatory work for art therapy.
  • Supports artistic mediation and the use of artistic counseling in the field of social issues through the methodology of life coaching.
  • Promotes and organizes training courses in social, public and community theater.
  • Supports the ways of social integration through the use of art in its many disciplines.
  • Creates performances (has 5 performances) and art workshops with a special focus on social and cultural adaptation in sectors such as interculturalism, disability and social discomfort of the “Nita generations”.

The training work “MeTe Abili equilibri d’Arte” is based on integrated training courses with two stages – winter (5 months) and summer (1 month) and takes place both in out-of-school places (theater) and in school activities.


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