Musical theater troupe of the Lithuanian Association of Persons with Disabilities

Vilnius, Lithuania

The musical and theatrical troupe was founded in 2009.

Experience: Integration projects of the Lithuanian Union of People with Disabilities (LŽNS) and composer Snegole Dikčute:

  • “Birth of the Consecrated” (text by Oscar Milasius, 2000), a mystery
  • “Awakening” (text by Gasparas Alexi, 2009), a mystery
  • “Day of Peace” (texts of poets with disabilities, 2010), a mystery
  • “Conversations of Angels” (texts of disabled poets, 2011), a mystery
  • “Noah’s Ark” (directed by Saule Degutite, 2014), audiovisual performance
  • “Love without death in the sand dunes” (libretto by Gaspar Alex and Violeta Shoblinkaite, directed by Saule Degutiti 2015), interOpera
  • “Sound City” (dir. Saule Degutiti, 2018), a mystery
  • “Shining People” (directed by Vitaliy Lyubota (Kyiv), 2019), mystery
  • geo Opera “PHI” or “Vitruvian Man”, 2020


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