National amateur theater-studio “Parostki”

Kyiv, Ukraine

Vitaliy Lyubota – Director and artistic director of the National Amateur Theater Studio “Parostki”

Anna Katerynych – acting teacher, theater actress, tutor, practical psychologist, social pedagogue  

The team was created in December 2001 to develop and implement innovative methods of rehabilitation by means of theatrical art.

In our work, we pay great attention to the creation of space and the search for forms of creative self-realization of a person with the characteristics of psychophysical and intellectual development. Let’s explore the influence of creativity on the rehabilitation processes of these people.

This theater is not for the sake of regret, but for the sake of creativity. They are applauded because the actors are great here. “We are not fighting nature, we are trying to develop it, raising personal self-esteem and the desire to grow.”

In 2009, the Parostki Theater-Studio received the title of “People’s Amateur Group”.

The performances prepared by the students have visited both international and all-Ukrainian theater and creative festivals: The collective carries out tours around Ukraine, as well as periodic performances in houses of culture, sanatoriums, schools, children’s institutions and city holidays.

Theater repertoire:

  • “About everything or what is around us.” – Sketch performance
  • “Without a word” – Sketch performance
  • “New Year’s twists and turns” – a fairy tale for children from 5 to 150 years old
  • “No-up” – Street circus action
  • “Summer Delirium”, based on the play by Shakespeare “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”
  • “Good Horton” – a dramatic performance by Efim Chipovetsky
  • “Vertep” – Christmas dramatic action
  • “Sad in the funny or a little with Chekhov” based on the stories of A.P. Chekhov
  • “I want a story!” Claim for a performance based on the fairy tale of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
  • “Wall. Door. We. “- Plastic drama based on the studio’s sketches
  • “Dark Ball” is a plastic philosophical sketch based on the results of educational tasks.
  • “Passion for the Fly” – musical and dramatic nostalgia for the fairy tale by K. Chukovsky “The Fly-Tsokotukha”
  • “Small stories of the Big City” sketch performance based on the educational developments of the students
  • “Everyday life of Winnie the Pooh” based on the works of Alan Milne and Boris Zakhoder “Winnie the Pooh”
  • Happy Exiles is a plastic drama.


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