Independent Plastic Drama Theater

Lithuania, Kaunas

Director: Virgis Bortkevičius

The theater was established 20 years ago.

The theater gained its stage experience not only on the largest Lithuanian stages, but also abroad – Slovenia, Baku, Poland, Estonia, Finland and received two main Grand Prix prizes and a special audience prize in Poland. He won the main prizes at the International Special Theater Festival “Begasas”.

The theater’s repertoire includes plays “Temporality”, “Illusion”, “Blind”, “Sad Tale”, Once in the Yard, “Mystery”, “Nail and Hammer”, “Withered Flowers”, “Cinderella”, “Birth” , “Crisis”, “Love in the Market”, “Funny People Show”, “Temporary Game”, “In the Rain”, “Girl in White”, “Pawnshop”, “Smile”, “In the Bath”, “The Myth n birth “

Creative plans – to build a program of two independent pantomimes.


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