Dance and theater studio of the special actor “Golden Mask”

Kherson, Ukraine

Artistic director: Fomenko Iryna Stepanovna, social worker, 14 years head of amateur theater

Dance and Theater Studio “Golden Mask” was founded in 2006 at the Kherson city public organization “Mother’s Heart” for the purpose of social rehabilitation of children and youth with moderate and severe mental retardation.

The studio is a laureate and diploma winner of International, All-Ukrainian and city festivals, competitions and actions:

  • “Solar Wave 2007” and “Solar Wave 2013”, Kyiv,
  • “We can do everything” – 2013, 2017, Kherson,
  • “The road to success” (Khortytsia),
  • “Valley of Daffodils” 2015, 2016 Khust,
  • “Chervonograd convenes friends” – 2016, 2017, Chervonograd
  • “Untrodden path” – 2015, 2016, Lviv
  • “Melpomene of Tavria” – 2016, 2017, 2018, Kherson,
  • “Wings” – 2018, Rivne,
  • “The only family” – 2019, Kherson
  • “Social and artistic action” Doomed to Happiness “- 2019, Kyiv

Performed theater productions:

  • choreographic performance “Sunny Bunny and Darkness”
  • stage miniature “Hammer and naughty nails”,
  • play “New toy”
  • New Year’s puppet show “Lost Gift”
  • play “Planet of Masks”,
  • stage miniature “Darts or a whimsical target”, New Year’s performance “Ball of King Caprizius the First”
  • New Year’s performance “Television Festival of Film Stars”
  • play “Tsvetik-semitsvetik”
  • stage miniature “New Bullfight”
  • choreographic miniature “Garden of Angelic Songs”
  • performance “Pinocchio in the country of a fool” on the song of O. Gradsky
  • choreographic pictures “Ukrainian wreath”
  • New Year’s play “The Rainbow Fairy Visits”
  • mini-play “Wings”
  • choreographic picture “In memory of the heroes of Ukraine”
  • mini-play “From the life of puppets”
  • New Year’s performance “Ball of sorcerers”
  • choreographic suite “We are Ukrainians”
  • performance “Shapito” Spring Smile “
  • play “Alice’s Adventures in the Library”
  • Western play “Wild, Wild West”,
  • choreography “Little story”,
  • choreography “Oh, my father mowed.”

Creative plans have so far been violated by quarantine, but in the future it is a choreographic performance “Mystical Waltz”.


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