Creative team “Golden Youth”

Lviv, Ukraine

Leader: Anastasia Simaka

The theater was founded in 2007 by Natalia Kurylova, and since 2013 its director has become and is still Anastasia Simaka. Over the years, the team has attended numerous theater and general art competitions and festivals at the local and regional (Lviv and Lviv region), national and international levels (Poland, Belarus), as well as in creative camps, workshops and trainings.

The theater operates at the Training and Rehabilitation Center “Source”, which plays actors with disabilities aged 18 to 45 years. The team works in various theatrical techniques and genres, in their work works of world and Ukrainian classics and staged 4 performances, which the team presented at festivals and competitions. In general, during the day classes of the Dzherelo Center, young people prepare several productions a year – these are thematic evenings, performances, and literary compositions. These are very creative and active people with special needs who play in the theater, sing, write poetry, and strive to develop, self-realization.


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