Theatrical group “Pearls”

Sumy, Ukraine

Head: Savelieva Tetyana Hryhorivna, correctional education, 10 years

The Perlinka team was established in 2000 at the Sumy Rehabilitation Center for Children with Disabilities who are undergoing rehabilitation, so its composition is constantly changing and this is its uniqueness.

Children of all ages were involved in the productions of the team, which is a graduate and winner of festivals: International Integration Theater Festival “Sun Wave”, International Festival of Creativity of People with Disabilities “Hope”, Sumy Regional Theater Festival for Children and People with Disabilities “Rainbow” , International Theater Festival of Inclusive Theaters “Begasas” (Lithuania).

Theater actor Kravchenko Vitaly, has repeatedly been awarded diplomas for best male role.

Dramatization is one of the areas in social rehabilitation, which promotes the creative development of the child, the formation of self-confidence, teaches self-presentation, removes deprivation clamps.

Every year the ensemble takes part not only in theater festivals, but also in the art action “Theater on the sidelines of the theater”, social and artistic action “Doomed to Happiness”, and also creates performances in support of social issues.

The theater’s repertoire includes more than 10 productions.


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