Integrated Theater “Azdak’s Garden”

Tbilisi, Georgia

Artistic director: Ivan (Bacho) Gabruashviliactor, playwright, has been working at the Integrated Theater for five years.

Director: Ketevan Kimosteli – actor, psychologist, works with children and people with disabilities for 8 years, as well as a manager of social programs for 7 years.

The Azdak Garden Integrated Theater was established on March 1, 2016.

The theater has participated in festivals: International Theater Festival in Tbilisi; International Inclusive Festival “Across Borders”; Mask Theater Students Festival; “BEGASAS 2020” and others.

Band repertoire:

“Gypsies”; “New Year’s commotion in a fairy tale”; “47 = 46”; “Is a man a man ?!”; “Opera for three kopecks”; “A lesson to learn”


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