“Wings” Shadow Theater

Lviv, Ukraine

Head of the theater: Paplyk Olga Oleksiivna, director-producer, has been working in the team since 2005


The ensemble was founded in 2005 as “Theater of Shadows” Picture “, since 2019 it is called” Theater of Shadows “Wings”

The team has participated in All-Ukrainian and International festivals:

International Festival of Special Theaters “Way” (Ukraine, Lviv),

“Chervonohrad convenes friends” (Ukraine, Chervonohrad), Międzynarodowe Spotkania Artystów Nieprzetartego Szlaku (Poland), International Festival of Special Theaters “Neprataptany Shlyakh” (Belarus, Brest) and others. Performed productions: “About hares”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Darkness and his friends”, “Bremen musicians”, “Eastern fairy tale”, “Thumbnail”, “Star”, “Legends of Lviv”, “Once in Africa”, “Once we were birds…”, “FATE Thumbnail”, “Sinbad and the Miracle Bird”.


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